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Why the party hat?


– In this space the party hat is a symbol of persistent joy through Christ in all things. –


The party hat is also a reminder that our enjoyment of this life is full of gifts from the Father. Furthermore, these gifts are to be shared in enjoyment with others. We were not designed to live in isolation or to live as though in a our own bubble. Modern technology is wonderful to how it has eased the task burdens of this ordinary life. But our modern tools of convenient have both brought people together and set them apart from each other.


The party hat also reminds us that outside of Christ we too were lost and alien from the life of God. The Parable of Two Lost Sons told by Jesus and the two other tales of lost things culminate in celebrations. The woman who finds her lost treasure, the shepherd who finds his lost lamb, the father who overflows with joy at the return of his lost younger son are reasons for life to break out into a party. Even though the older son refuses to join the feast the father does not hesitant to let his joy overflow – “…we [the whole village and our family] had to celebrate and rejoice” he declared (Luke 15). Recollection of our lost estate reminds us from where have come. And since we are now in the Father’s embrace we will not see this celebration, the new life, come to an end. It goes on and on.


The party hat also reminds us of how we should speak the truth to those around us. Too often religious people bludgeon the wayward culture with the truth. We should indeed stand for the right and oppose the wrong, but we should remember that harsh words are too small to contain the joys of Christ. Grace flows out of the great joy of being in Yahweh truine. Gratitude flows out of grace. Generosity flows out of gratitude.


From source to celebration the way of grace is pressing the joy of the triune God into the broken shell of this cosmos. In every place and in every life the Gospel fills us with celebrating grace, again and again and again…


’cause the party isn’t over.



“Those who fall away have never been thoroughly imbued with the knowledge of Christ
but only had a slight and passing taste of it.”

John Calvin


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