core cultural idols: what each worldview is captive to

What is sin?

S. I. N. (Self Idolatry by Nature)

The dominant truth in Christianity is GRACE. The grace of God kills all idols because pure grace is sourced only in his triune self-giving love and covenant loyalty. Christ alone brings grace into our idolatrous world. His Cross confronts all idols, personal and collective, with his selfless eternal love. All idols are ravenous. Each idol grows by feeding on itself. Don’t feed the idols.


Ideology                                 its chief idol                                                            

Atheism                                  material evidence

Islam                                       culture of submission

Judaism                                  tradition

Humanism                             progress

Scientism                               controlling information

Secularism                             free thought

Mormonism                          purity culture

Ultra-con Christianity       purity culture

Hinduism                               diversity

Catholicism                            hierarchy

Racism                                    my ethnicity

Nationalism                           our heritage

Shintoism                               my ancestry

Mysticism                              introspection

Hedonism                              bucket list; best life now; thrills

Buddhism                               dispassion

Pop Christianity                    the latest thing