recos on Sanctification by Michael Allen

On a recent episode of Theology On The Go with Jonathan Master and James Dolezal the interviewee, Dr. Michael Allen recommended several good reads on the subject of Sanctification. I list them below in the order he gave them. Enjoy!


From the classical Christian tradition

Augustine, On Faith and Works (a short book, less well known, but very helpful)

John Calvin, The Golden Book of the True Christian Life (this is the portion of the Institutes, book 3, chapters 6-10)

John Owen, Pneumatologia (700 page book on the works of the Holy Spirit; “remarkable” says Allen of this book)

Edward Fisher, The Marrow of Modern Divinity (a controversial book in its time and still is too some degree, but useful in showing the misteps we are prone to take on the subject of Sanctification)


Recent books on Sanctification 

G. C. Berkower, Faith and Sanctification (a short “beautiful book” says Allen of this one)

John Webster, Holiness (Allen calls this book “dense read” and I agree, but he also sees Webster’s book as “insightful” and a needed contemplation on holiness as it comes from God through his Word and moves through the Church)


Michael Allen’s book is simply titled, Sanctification, published in the theology series New Studies in Dogmatics.


James Dolezal also recommends Thomas Watson’s Taking Heaven By Storm, which Dolezal calls “a puritanical kick in the pants.”